Inkonst Thursday

INKONST | Bergsgatan 29, Malmö

Thursday 2 June | 21.00–01.00

Festival pass or 95 SEK at the door


Exhibition w/

Makode Linde (photography)

Saleen Gomani (sound installation)

Ekaliff (dj)


Makode Linde (photography)

Pressing your face against the photocopier is a classical joke that bored office workers would do to pass time. The soft face tissues get distorted when pressed against the glass, distorting the features and creating comical “self portraits” that would later be passed around the office for amusement. This classical joke gets a more somber expression in Makode Linde’s series ACAB, made in the wake of the highly politicised Gorge Floyd tragedy and subsequent riots that lead to the BLM movement.


The title of the work ACAB is a well-known abbreviation of "All Cops Are Bastards", a slogan that first appeared in the 1920s in England but has since been used extensively by dissidents in protests and demonstrations. The ACAB series is another perfect example of Makode Linde’s investigation of black identity, ambiguously mixing humour and horror, nailing the spectator in a state of total confusion.


Saleen Gomani (sound installation)

Don't be shy, take your time, cum with me * Saleen Ife Gomani (b. 1993, Vancouver)


Ekaliff dj)

EKALIFF, member of FNGRLCKN, is a Malmö based producer, drummer, vocalist, and DJ and has distinctively dominated the various bars, dance floors, radio stations around Malmö/Sweden/Madrid/ Copenhagen. For this event EKALIFF brings their sleekest selection of electronica and acid jazz.