Inkonst Saturday – Night

INKONST | Bergsgatan 29, Malmö

Saturday 4 June | 18.00–00.00

Festival pass, Saturday ticket , Saturday night ticket or 295 SEK at the door


18.00–04.00 Exhibition w/

Makode Linde (photography)

Saleen Gomani (sound installation)


18.00–00.00 Exhibition w/

Nat Portnoy (photograpgy)

Fredrika Eriksson (photography)

Freja Lindberg (photography)

Maria Victoria Høvring Høeg (interactive installation)


18.00–04.00 Fngrlckn (dj)


18.00 Olfaktonauten (interactive installation)

20.00 Poppy Cox (theatre)

21.30 Amina Avdic (dance)

22.00 Thousand Faces (sex performance)

23.45 Fittglitter (rope performance)

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Since 2017, this interdisciplinary music collective has become one of the most celebrated powerhouses of Malmös alternative electronic scene. FNGRLCKN was born out of red-hot passion for independent music, and pure spite towards the standard. The gang – Rumina, Ekaliff, Gina040 and Ranya Asadi – have since gone on to release Ep’s, host popular radio shows, and perform at established venues and international stages. For Erotikafton, a 10-hour FNGRLCKN-experience on the main floor of Inkonst will take place. You will be carefully guided through a journey of their 5 year career, starting with the genres that caught their ears and hearts and ending on the fireworks that are their absolute uninhibited audiophilic nature in the year 2022.


Olfaktonauten (interactive installation)

Olfaktonauten’s chamber. These bodies emit accords of putrefication. Scents that have evolved in symbiosis with us. To warn us. Do not eat. Do not inhale. Do not consume. It’s so very tempting.


Poppy Cox (performance)

Poppy Cox a.k.a. Anne Marina Fidler is a performance artist, director and costume designer based in Berlin. She creates theater, film, cabaret and installations, often using elaborate costumes and props to create playful and surreal theatrical environments. Her background as sex worker has greatly informed her work.

For Erotikafton, she’s presenting her one woman manifesto of joyous, feminist, sexual exploration: “SLUT: A Love Story”. An autobiographical work by a self-identified slut, it examines how lost love, sex work, and technology have shaped that identity. Fidler uses her rich and charmed sexual history as a base from which the audience is invited to participate in a story that celebrates the complexities of sex as part of our fully realised selves, while still acknowledging the collective trauma and shame that patriarchy places on sexuality.

Written, directed and performed by Anne Marina Fidler
Dramaturgy and set design by Declan Hurley


Amina Avdic (dance)

Multitalented dancer Amina Avdić moves with uncompromising focus and relentless intensity, at the same time as she with beautiful fragility and intimacy mesmerizes her audience. Her uncompromising devotion and crushing beauty won’t leave anyone unmoved.

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Thousand Faces (performance)

Unbridled: an explicit pony-play sexperience

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Part unicorn (with a serious glitterfetish) and part rope-nerd (with a burning passion for the human psyche) Fittglitter has left trails of glitter from nightclubs of Berlin, to festivals and private parties all over Europe. Since 2014 this sparkling performer have explored vulnerablility, openness, self-expression and diversity. With rope as companion and audience as storyteller, they share the most magical of tales.


Freja Lindberg (photography)

I'm a photographer with a certain fondness for the mundane moments. Anything, ranging from a sink filled with yesterday's shit to the energy of an individual, can catch my interest. I document life; the ugly, the beautiful, the naked, the weird, the meaningfull and the fucking useless. The images I'm exhibiting at Erotikafton are exactly that.

Maria Victoria Høvring HøegBW.jpg

Maria Victoria H.H. (installation)

My Asshole (2017) is an installation which can be entered by the audience and consists of textiles, latex and hulahoop rings. It was earlier exhibited at the bachelor graduation-exhibition “New Art Museum” at Faculty of fine art, music and design, Bergen University in 2017. The title Solar Anus is derived from George Bataille’s essay Solar Anus (L'anus solaire) from 1927.


Nat Portnoy (photography)

Nat Portnoy is a multidisciplinary queer artist, filmmaker and educator born in Poland in 1987, currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Nat is working with mediums such as video, installation, object, photography and painting. Her projects are mainly based on theories of sociocultural construction.
She is interested in examining the cognitive processes of pleasure, exploring its connotations with self
-representation, identity, ritual and the complexity of language used to determine desire. In her artistic
practice she likes to refer to existing ideologies and beliefs, examining it through the knowledge of a col-
lective and personal experience.


Makode Linde (photography)

Pressing your face against the photocopier is a classical joke that bored office workers would do to pass time. The soft face tissues get distorted when pressed against the glass, distorting the features and creating comical “self portraits” that would later be passed around the office for amusement. This classical joke gets a more somber expression in Makode Linde’s series ACAB, made in the wake of the highly politicised Gorge Floyd tragedy and subsequent riots that lead to the BLM movement.


The title of the work ACAB is a well-known abbreviation of "All Cops Are Bastards", a slogan that first appeared in the 1920s in England but has since been used extensively by dissidents in protests and demonstrations. The ACAB series is another perfect example of Makode Linde’s investigation of black identity, ambiguously mixing humour and horror, nailing the spectator in a state of total confusion.


Saleen Gomani (sound installation)

Don't be shy, take your time, cum with me * Saleen Ife Gomani (b. 1993, Vancouver)

FredrikaEriksson (1).png

Fredrika Eriksson (photography)

Fredrika Eriksson (b. 1995) is a photographer based in Stockholm. Through the use of analog, digital and sculptural processes she portraits motifs such as body parts, pieces of meat, sex toys and temporary tattoos that explores the virtue of identity and intimacy in an emotional and lustful way.