Erotikafton Black Box Club

INKONST | Bergsgatan 29, Malmö

Saturday 4 June | 00.00–04.00

140 SEK (wardrobe included), or Festival pass, Saturday ticket or Saturday night ticket


00.00 Rivet (dj)

02.00 Reka (dj)

Club performances (The Black Box)

00.00 Fittglitter

01.00 Harley Queen

02.00 Argon Ltd.


00.00 FNGRLCKN (dj)

Rivet 2020 by Dimitrios Bizios (1).jpeg

Rivet (dj)

After Swedish artist Rivet's debut album On Feather and Wire – released 20 years into his career at the end of 2020 on the revered Editions Mego label – surprised and delighted with its punk spirit, industrial pulse, sensual atmospherics, and body music flavor, we get a better sense of what he’s capable of. Hinted at by his work as the body music enthusiast behind Kess Kill record label and the years honing his production skills first as Grovskopa and then as Rivet, his current sound has a sophisticated slink and a surprisingly accessible twist of pop, while still recognizable in its dance music lineage.


Reka (dj)

Well known for DJ sets and productions oscillating between dystopian aesthetics and illuminating energy, REKA has cultivated a very personal approach to heady electronic music. Demonstrating selections from
contemporary techno to the genre's prototypical past of electro and wave, her sets are a highly sensitive affair; maneuvring seamlessly through dance music's multitude of permutations, blending together into a carefully narrated story that ebbs and flows with her artistic vision and prowess.

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Since 2017, this interdisciplinary music collective has become one of the most celebrated powerhouses of Malmös alternative electronic scene. FNGRLCKN was born out of red-hot passion for independent music, and pure spite towards the standard. The gang – Rumina, Ekaliff, Gina040 and Ranya Asadi – have since gone on to release Ep’s, host popular radio shows, and perform at established venues and international stages. For Erotikafton, a 10-hour FNGRLCKN-experience on the main floor of Inkonst will take place. You will be carefully guided through a journey of their 5 year career, starting with the genres that caught their ears and hearts and ending on the fireworks that are their absolute uninhibited audiophilic nature in the year 2022.

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Fittglitter (performance)

Part unicorn (with a serious glitterfetish) and part rope-nerd (with a burning passion for the human psyche) Fittglitter has left trails of glitter from nightclubs of Berlin, to festivals and private parties all over Europe. Since 2014 this sparkling performer have explored vulnerablility, openness, self-expression and diversity. With rope as companion and audience as storyteller, they share the most magical of tales.


Harley Queen (performance)

Harley Queen – Mistress of Marvels is a dancer choreographer, aerialist, fetish- and burlesque performer. You have seen her strut her stuff at Pride and on stages around Europe for dance productions and stage art. Ballet & contemporary is the base of her unique stage expression but she always adds a bit of fetish and dark storytelling. 


Argon Ltd. (performance)

Bringing in

The dawn of radical hyper sexualism

Exploring sexuality through interactive live performance art right on the dance floor. 

The final hour of the week culminating in your


Insatiable desire

and violent need


Argon Ltd. is a PVC Inc. subsidiary.