Sexuality & body awareness workshop

Inter Arts Center |  Bergsgatan 29, Malmö

Saturday 4 June | 14.00–16.00

Workshop w/ Signe Skovbye – Sign(e)by(e)Sasha

Not included in the festival ticket, separate ticket required

This 90 min. workshop aims to create a safe space in which you can connect to your body and sexuality. You’ll be guided in listening to your body, physical sensations, emotional states and cognition.

Body awareness exercises can support you in recognizing your needs, possibilities and boundaries.

The workshop is fully clothed and non-interactive. The focus is on your connection and presence with yourself. We’ll explore our sexuality in a shared space, with respect for one another!

I am Signe Skovbye (DK based in CPH) (use she or they) I have a degree in psychomotor therapy and specialize in sexology. I’m also a performer in erotic performance art and work a lot with sex education through the medium of art.