Erotica Anatomica:
The Uncanny Valley

Gallery Redan | Södra Förstadsgatan 81, Malmö

28 May — 4 June

Textile installation & performance | By Angela Wooi

Opening hours

Saturday 28 May: 23.00–01.00 (performance)

Sunday 29 May: 14.00–16.00

Wednesday 1 June: 16.00–19.00

Thursday 2 June: 16.00–19.00

Friday 3 June: 16.00–19.00

Saturday 4 June: 16.00–19.00 (performance)

Festival ticket required for entry

Erotica Anatomica: the Uncanny Valley is a new body (in every sense of the word) of work from multi disciplinary artist Angela Wooi, a textile exploration into our personal response to progressive fantastical genitalia with accompanying erotic tales.

QR codes will be provided to trigger sound sensualising your mobile phone and Angela will be reading some of her surrealist short stories in person.

So, turn off your mind, relax and float down the uncanny valley’s erotic stream.

Angela Wooi

Unquestionably bound to patriarchal suppression and ignorance, traditional craft activities predominantly associated with women like embroidery, tapestry, knitting and patchwork have been historically consigned to the level of hobby or craft, languishing as museum pieces and granted limited cultural significance.

Angela Wooi has long been playing with these practices, exploring and celebrating femininity and exploring erotica.  With recent works including the acclaimed (and prematurely banned) Planet Pussy from 2019 and 2018’s Tales from the Pussy Bed where visitors were invited to lie under a sumptuous quilt composed of fabric vulvas and listen to tales of magical vaginas. Her work often invites participation rather than passive observation.

She lives in the fantastically queer, UK seaside town of Margate in Kent, home to Tracey Emin and subject of JW Turners famous sunsets.

Angelas creativity is eclectic and diverse, spending her time: creating art and as an art and dance educator, leading workshops throughout the UK. As Mills & Doom (deceased) she has a long running weekly radio show on Repeater Radio dedicated to food, romance and sex.


Art: @sextileart
Personal: @angelawooi
Radio: @millsanddoomdeceased

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