Literature Evening & After Work Hangout

Poeten På Hörnet | Södra Förstadsgatan 65 B, Malmö

Wednesday 1 June | 17.00–20.00

Free entry & free beer from TT


Exhibition and reading w/ Krisine Tiedt

The exhibition consists of original drawings and materials from the comic book “the orgasmbook” (Orgasmebogen, 2020) and silkscreen prints made at the Danish Arts Workshop in Copenhagen (Statens Værksteder, winter 2022). Also Kristine will do a reading and a talk based on “the Orgasmbook” and her coming book.


AW Hangout w/ Dj Sad Cuntry Stripper and free beer from TT


Kristine Tiedt (literature)

Kristine Tiedt is a Danish artist making comics. She is the co-founder of a feminist collective in Denmark for comic book artist called YNGEL, went to Serieskolan in Malmø (2017), and has a Master of Science in Digital Design and Communication (2010).


In her work Kristine Tiedt combines research, humor, drawings, collage and text. The subject is often related to sex, sexuality, gender, equality and feminism. Recently Kristine Tiedt had a stay at the Danish Arts Workshop exploring silkscreen printing as a medium to making zines and comics.


Dj Sad Cuntry Stripper (dj)

Dj Sad Cuntry Stripper is one of Gina040’s (FNGRLCKN, swe) most beloved alter ego’s. Playing the classics and currents of the American genre, they will take you away to this smoke filled bar of nicotine, regret, and careful hope.